5 Quick Ways to Increase Biodiversity

Before we start, let us watch a video – why is biodiversity so important?

Many wrongly think that biodiversity is irrelevant to humans because it refers to the variety of both animals and plant life in the world. If you only consider that its benefit in fiscal terms is approximated at $125 trillion per year, you will believe me that biodiversity is critical to humans. But it also keeps the ecosystem and habitat in balance, which means it is more important to us than many have ever imagined. You can talk about water purification, pest control, nutrient cycle, pollination, and many more. Given how much diversity is crucial to you and me, we should explore ways to repay this incredible service. Read on for 5 things that you need to do to help increase biodiversity and your chances of survival in return.

Create a Biodiversity Friendly Environment

Make the wild animals and plants in your neighborhood to feel welcome. You can do this by providing clean water, privacy, food, and shelter whenever necessary. You can also help clean up and protect reserves, fields, beaches, and parks where these wild animals and plants live. When you notice some of them are injured, volunteer your time to care for them. This way, you will be able to attract more wild species and protect them from many forms of danger that are out there.

Conserve Energy

At the same time, do not allow misuse of energy in your home or workplace to be a problem. Power companies are able to help you achieve this through their energy audits. These experts are always willing to help since they fully know that it is highly more economical to conserve power than build new energy-generating plants.

Moreover, as you may already know, when you reduce your overall energy demands, you, in turn, bring down the amount of noxious gases, such as carbon dioxide, that you directly or indirectly release into the atmosphere. Remember, most of them contribute to the present erratic changes in the climate. Besides, you also limit the disturbance of habitat for fossil fuel exploration and also make substantial savings. As such, you will do yourself and biodiversity a favor is you benefit from any reasonable governments schemes offer.

Secure your Domestic animals

Buy Organic Foods

If your domestic animals, such as cats and dogs, run loose, they are viewed as an invasive species. In the US alone, close to 44 million free-roaming cats eat more than 3.4 million songbirds per day. Other invasive species also cause great danger to biodiversity both in the US and across the world. For you to prevent this trend in your locality, you need resources, such as www.doghabitat.org, to learn how to harness your pets and prevent further damage. Use them, and you will keep your healthy pets at home for years. And you could contact Dog Habitat via FB.

The food choices we make can also break or make our dream to increase biodiversity. Choose organic foods, as they are safe for your own health and have no adverse impact on the environment. Inorganic ones contribute to the increase in the amount of fertilizers and pesticides in the atmosphere. They also often increase the adverse effects on nearby insects that aid in pollination and also control pests. Also, they are responsible for the alteration of the biodiversity of the adjacent freshwaters. Buy from small-scale traders within your vicinity. If you are at a position, grow your own organic foods.

Help Safeguard Protected Areas

Governments across the world now recognize that they have an essential role in preserving and improving the biodiversity of their geographical regions and beyond. They have signed critical agreements, including the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the International Union for Conservation of Nature that fully support the creation of viable protected areas. Rare species that serve a unique ecological function or are increasingly under threat inhibit these areas.

The success of the efforts to increase biodiversity through this method differs from country to country. Perhaps, the efforts of the government have a direct influence on the effectiveness. Given its significance, citizens can offer moral and political support to the organizations designating and managing these sites. You can also visit one of the centers near you and donate whatever you can afford. The effectiveness of managers of protected areas, therefore, requires the combined effort of everyone and every organization.

Final Thoughts

Nature provides to us almost anything that we need for survival. The foods, drinks, medicines, and building materials that we highly cherish come from it. If we destroy biodiversity, we expose ourselves to an untold number of problems. In the worst-case scenario, we reduce our chances of survival and that of our dependants. 

As such, wise people are now working hard to ensure we are able to co-exist with all the other life forms. They confront whatever scientific data is revealing to us with a kind heart and act with great care. They actively protect nature by taking the above simple steps. For you as an individual or a group to lessen your adverse impacts too, only implement all the five lessons that you acquired from us today.

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