Top 5 Best LED Light Strips of 2021 - Set Your Perfect Mood for the Holidays

Updated: November 23rd, 2021

Have you been considering using LED lights to play up your interior decor? Then, here’s your answer. LED lights have become increasingly popular this year and are undoubtedly one of the best lighting innovations we’ve seen. They are a great design option to make your interior decor pop just a little and can be used in various ways – recessed lighting, kitchen cabinet illumination, and even TV backlighting.

Gamers, DIYers, and anyone simply looking to add some color to their space will appreciate the easy use and affordability of LED strips. I am both a gamer and DIYer, and my gaming rig is built with bright lights, now my entire room is always colorfully lit with these LED Strip Lights. I did try at least a dozen LED strip lights before I finally found the one that outshines all others, literally. Before I share my most valuable find with you, let’s go over the best 5 LED strip lights I tested.

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"The best in the market"

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Why GleamBeam is the #1 Pick of 2021?

LED light strips are a generally affordable type of lighting accessory. They don’t take up a lot of space and give your rooms a much-needed “oomph!” That being said, it’s almost easy to believe that they all come the same. In reality, that isn’t the case. On my hunt to find the best LED light strip on the market, I came across various types of strip lights with various kinds of features and functions.

For many, the basic lighting function was there, obviously, with varying modes to switch things up a bit.  The GleamBeam did plenty to impress me, but I would say I was most taken by vivid coloring, the ever-efficient IR receiver and remote control. That thing just does not falter! I found the GleamBeam Extremely easy to use all over my house and even gave my kitchen a cute little lighting makeover. My gaming setup took a dramatic turn with these fun and eye-friendly lights. Whether you want softer lighting, brighter and more exciting lighting, or even just lighting that sits somewhere in between, the GleamBeam LED light strip is sure to deliver always. Here are its special features and why I can’t stop raving about it:

Bright and Reliable Lighting

The GleamBeam LED light strip guarantee you many things, the most enticing of all, being high-quality lighting. The strips are fitted with individual LED emitters expertly fitted on a narrow and flexible circuit board. These LED emitters are so powerful that they can give off strong, bright lights needed to completely brighten up a space and alternatively, subtle and calm lights that can make a space relaxing and cool. You can trust GleamBeam to have your back always and never give out on you.

IR Receiver and Remote Control

Another brilliant feature about the GleamBeam LED strip is the super-receptive IR receiver which is used for remote control. Even if you set up the LED strips on the ceiling, above high cabinets, or anywhere else you can’t reach, you can still easily control the lighting. The strips come with remote control with which you can alter the lighting, the colors, and even the intensity! 

15 Vibrant Colors

GleamBeam offers you a fun variety of 15 colors to choose from, including white. You can change up the tone from a bold and daring red to a more subtle and cool shade of blue. 

16 Feet (5 Meters) Length

With 16 feet of lights to mount around your space, you can trust that you’ll get your money’s worth. GleamBeam strips can be shortened to fit in small places and if you happen to have more area to cover, you can always order more!

Versatile Lighting Modes

The GleamBeam LED strips offer 4 various lighting modes to truly match your mood. These modes are flash, strobe, fade, and smooth. The flash mode offers a sharp alternating on and off lighting, strobe offers slower, rotated, and regular flashes of light, while fade is a more subtle mode that allows the lighting to fade out intermittently before coming back on. The smooth lighting mode does not flash the lights and instead offers steady and subdued lighting.

Improves Mood And Enhances Sleep

These LED strips offer excellent lighting, which is essential for stabilizing the circadian rhythm, enhancing sleep, and improving moods. A well-lit space can significantly help with your general well-being.

Easy To Mount

The GleamBeam LED strips come with a roll of double-sided mounting tape. This makes it super easy to just unroll and place the light strips wherever you want. 

Suitable For Use Anywhere

Whether you’re holding a party, enjoying a nice dinner with friends, or looking to brighten up your patio, GleamBeam is the lighting you need. These strips can be used anywhere, including outdoors. I Got the most use of it during Halloween with fun red lighting set to the strobe mode. Absolutely perfect!

If you have been looking to get LED strip lights, now is the time to do so. I could think of no better option than the GleamBeam LED strip lights. What are you waiting for?! 

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"The best in the market"

7,351 Reviews

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